Experiencing firsthand the power of the natural world to change lives within prison walls makes for riveting presentations – and dialogue – about how reconnecting to nature does lead to personal and collective transformation, even in the most unlikely of places.

Through speaking engagements, we raise awareness about our approach to change and the results of our work at San Quentin through stories, pictures, and the people we’ve served. From the Horticultural Therapy Institute to students at UC Berkeley and Davis, and Marin Academy, we have shared our stories on such topics as:

  • Healthy Humanity: Rehabilitation as a deeper solution to the high socio-economic cost of the prison industrial complex
  • Nature as an Inspiration for Social Change
  • Rehabilitation and Capital Punishment
  • Nature as an Organizational Intervention

In our work, we share the challenges we’ve faced – and the ways we’ve overcome them to the hope that has inspired men inside of prison walls to “pet the bees” and plant their own seeds of change.

For more information on potential speaking opportunities, please email me at beth [at] insightgardenprogram.org


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